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We are a professional manufacturer of cleaning appliances, with strong technical strength and research and development strength. Our engineering team has rich experience and can provide high quality and efficient OEM production services.

We have a first-class R & D team, constantly study the market needs, explore new technologies to meet the ever-increasing requirements of customers. Our technical strength is mainly reflected in precision mechanical design, intelligent control systems, efficient motors and precision manufacturing processes.

In order to ensure that every factory floor cleaning robot, washing machine and mite removal equipment meet our strict standards, we implement a rigorous product testing process. The sweeping robot needs to pass the motor test, performance test, noise test, safety test, battery life test and so on up to dozens of strict tests. Floor washers and mite removal machines are also subject to rigorous testing to ensure the best quality and performance.

We are committed to providing customers with the best quality products and the most satisfactory service, we believe that our technical strength and research and development strength as well as rigorous product testing process will become the reason for you to choose us.

Our Strengths

Focus On Home Cleaning Robots

Vacuum Cleaner Robot

–2cm obstacle crossing
–NIDEC brushless DC motors,Three levels suction
–Schedule cleaning, designated area cleaning, automatic planning cleaning,fixed-point cleaning, cleaning along the wall
–Optional dust collector
–Electronic virtual wall, area control, virtual restricted area
–Built-in DTOF LiDAR positioning, memory navigation, automatic mapconstruction, multiple maps

Horizontal Vacuum Cleaner

–Portable, no power cord, easy to move
–High power motor, high efficiency vacuum technology, can remove all kinds of dust and debris
–Multifunctional, equipped with a variety of suction head, adapt to a variety of cleaning needs
–Easy maintenance, dust box easy to clean
–Stylish and simple, modern and simple appearance design, easy to integrate into a variety of home style

Hand-held Portable Floor Washing Machine

–Electrolyzed water for sterilization without disinfectant
–Self-cleaning,hands-free washing
–Absorbing dry and wet waste, 2500 rpm scrub super cleaning ability
–Easy disposal of common household waste
–Cordless long battery life, 30min long battery life
–Large-capacity double water tanks, clean sewage diversion, 90% recycledsewage, no secondary pollution

Anti-mite Instrument

–Applicable to a variety of scenarios, effectively remove mites in beds, sofas, carpets and other places
–Wireless design, flexible use, not limited by the power line
–Silent operation, mite removal process quiet, will not interfere with home life
–Intelligent sensing, with infrared sensing function, automatic sensing dust mite position
–Convenient operation, simple operation, one key start
–Professional beat head, beat frequency is high, can remove dust mites in a deeper level
–Visual dust box, can real-time view dust mite inhalation, convenient cleaning

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