Technical strength

30,000 square meters factory, 5 million units of annual output

Factory Scale Technical Ttrength

We are a large-scale factory in the field of clean electrical appliances, with rich experience and strong production capacity. Our factory covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters and employs more than 500 people, of which more than 20% are professional technicians. Through the introduction of international advanced production technology and management mode, we continue to improve our research and development and production capacity, to provide customers with the best quality products and services.

4 product lines to meet the needs of different customers

Complete Product Line

Our product line is rich and diverse, covering the whole series of cleaning electrical products such as sweeping robot, floor washing machine, mite control instrument. In order to meet the different needs of the market, we continue to innovate and meet the needs of various consumers through a diversified product line. From individual homes to commercial premises, we offer the right solutions for cleaning electrical appliances.

10 production lines, skilled technicians, rich experience

Production Line

We particularly value the expertise and experience of our assembly line workers. Every worker has undergone rigorous training and assessment to ensure that they have superb skills and solid professional knowledge. In the production process, we use scientific production process and strict quality control system to ensure that every product can meet the high quality standards.

5 detection categories, 19 points of detection items

Professional Testing

In order to ensure the performance and quality of our products, our testing process is professional and complex, and our instruments are diverse. From the incoming inspection of parts to the outgoing testing of finished products, we strictly check every link. We have advanced test equipment and instruments, including electromagnetic compatibility test system, noise tester, high magnification microscope, etc., to provide a comprehensive guarantee for the performance and quality of products.

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